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Na vlně podnikání

Aug 10, 2018

Dnešní rozhovor je celý v angličtině. Je to takový experiment, pokud chcete více anglických rozhovorů, napište mi na a rád se přizpůsobím. Další rozhovory v Na vlně podnikání už očekávejte normálně v češtině.

Dan Taylor is a tech entrepreneur who has co-founded and sold two successful startups.

Firstly ‘Dunross Consulting’ an IT and recruitment consulting agency based in Prague, which was sold in a management buyout in 2011.

Following on from this he founded a SAAS product for schools called CourseDirector. This company was successfully sold to WizKids in
Denmark in 2013. Following on from the sale he founded AppsEvents, and organizes Google Education summits and conferences worldwide in partnership with Google, and more recently EventsFrame, a SAAS for event organizers.